Sustainability Policies

Our facility’s sustainable management approach focuses on the environment, social values, culture, economy, quality standards, individual rights, health, and safety. Through analyses conducted in our hotel to identify potential risks and dangers, we aimed to minimize them. In this process, we provided the necessary training for the safety of our employees, our guests, and the overall hotel, and in pursuit of operational excellence, we implemented a series of measures in compliance with legal regulations.

– Ensure accessibility standards in every area.

– Implement mandatory minimum standards by law in our business to eliminate obstacles. 

– Under the scope of accessible tourism, organize elements available for healthy but also disabled individuals.

– To provide the accessibility services of our facility appropriately, create financial support and human resources in the right quantity and quality in line with the objectives of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

– Carry out continuous improvement efforts to provide a healthy, peaceful, and safe environment for the disabled individuals in our facility.


Purchasing Philosophy and Procurement Policy

Respect for Independence & “Cooperation and Competition 

Protecting the environment for sustainability and minimizing the negative impacts of our business on the environment, as well as contributing to the development of the community, and ensuring sustainability in purchasing, is our primary objective. 

We will pay attention to selecting food and beverage items for our facility that are of the highest quality, fit for purpose, in line with relevant regulations, and preferably locally produced. To limit and reduce the environmental impacts during our operation, we will evaluate the following criteria during the purchasing process, considering not only the procurement cost but also the lifetime cost:

– Preference for tools and equipment that consume less energy,

– Preference for tools and equipment that use less water,

– Choice of tools, equipment, products, and services that produce less waste,

– Choice of materials that cause the least harm to the environment,

– Replacement of used refrigeration in our hotel with new refrigeration machines in accordance with environmental regulations once they reach the end of their life,

– We will raise awareness about the procurement of sustainable products and services by communicating with our suppliers.

Our institution works with local/regional suppliers to ensure responsible sourcing and fulfill and support its social responsibility throughout the supply chain. We view our raw material and technical suppliers as essential partners with whom we build trust relationships through transparent, equal, and fair trade practices. Our institution also promotes the Sustainable Management System by considering the environment, quality, occupational safety, and human rights in the supply chain, including our suppliers, to earn the trust of the community.


Our facility’s human resources policy aims to create an environment that is fair, and transparent, and offers a voice to its employees, allowing them to realize their potential. It envisions each employee adding value to our institution’s future, feeling valued in return, and fostering a company culture that reflects high performance, development-focused attributes, powerful and effective leadership in every area and embodies the spirit of the firm. The ultimate goal is to establish a dedicated, happy, productive, successful, and healthy workforce.

In line with this objective, the institution adopts and develops practices in three main areas, consistent with global human resource trends. These practices are integrated, fair, and transparent. By adopting these practices, our institution aspires to make rapid progress towards becoming an employer of choice and creating the best workplace. Our human resources approach is one that collaborates with all units using a strategic business partner approach, continuously analyzing the needs of both the company and its employees, generating value, and quickly adapting to changing conditions.


In line with our sustainable objectives and activities, we base our approach on human rights that are adopted on international platforms and the documents related to them. Our goal is to articulate our respect for human rights in conjunction with the value we give to our employees and to showcase our human rights-focused approach in our relationships with all our stakeholders, including our employees. 

This Policy is guided by international human rights principles, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which encompasses the Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (1998) by the International Labour Organization (ILO), the United Nations Global Compact, and the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights of the United Nations.

The most essential mission of a human being as an entity is to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms and to ensure that this respect is reciprocated and propagated. Every individual, solely because of their humanity, has the right to live equally, freely, and with dignity.

In our relationships with all our stakeholders, including our employees and suppliers, and with the community at large, our fundamental principle is to operate in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations and to encourage our stakeholders to act sensitively in this regard.

In all our business processes, we identify human rights risks as a part of business risks, and we exercise the necessary care to prevent them. During our commercial activities, if we identify any adverse impact on human rights, we commit to providing fair improvements or collaborating for remediation.

Within the framework of our Human Rights Policy, under the facility’s roof, we strive to be an institution where there is no discrimination, harassment, or disrespect based on reasons such as religion, language, race, national origin, ethnic origin, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, political opinion, or other statuses protected by applicable laws.

In our facility, regardless of personal characteristics and status, we do not tolerate disrespectful or inappropriate behaviors, physical or verbal harassment, unfair treatment, violence, or any retaliation.


Guided by our principle of unity, we see the differences among our employees as an asset. We support the inclusion of all our employees in all processes regardless of their differences and advocate that these differences are fundamental values that need to be preserved in our facility. Our Human Resources practices and policies, such as talent acquisition, development, and management, are based on the principle of equal opportunity. We aim to contribute equally to the personal development of all employees.


In our facility, we comply with the International Labor Organization standards and the laws regarding employment rules. We adhere to the age restrictions set for employment.


At our facility, we oppose all forms of forced and illegal labor practices, such as labor for debt repayment, military labor, modern slavery, human trafficking, smuggling, employing refugees, and employing without insurance.


Every employee of the institution has the right to express their wishes and needs, provided that they are sensitive to the rights and freedoms of others and do not threaten these rights and freedoms. Everyone has the freedom to continue their life, liberty, and personal safety. In this context, we assure all our employees that they are not subjected to any coercive behavior (physical or psychological), are not subjected to any crude, inhumane, and/or degrading treatment or punishment, and that their personal data is protected. If the contrary occurs, we ensure that all legal and constitutional rights are available for the redress of such grievances. If any violation occurs, we ensure that the necessary support is provided by the institution’s Ethics Board in a manner that respects the employee’s dignity, privacy, and reputation.


We adopt high standards in improving working conditions, environmental sensitivity, and our relations with the communities we interact with. We take on the necessary responsibility to ensure that all our stakeholders also adopt this sensitivity towards these standards.


We aim to provide a safe and healthy workplace in compliance with current occupational health and safety laws, regulations, and internal requirements. We identify risks that could lead to accidents, injuries, and health problems and take preventive measures.


As an institution, we design our wage policy and employee benefits with a competitive perspective, considering the dynamics of the industry. We conduct our activities in compliance with the wage and working hour rules specified in the applicable laws, and considering work-life balance, we offer opportunities for our employees to develop their skills and potential and make progress.

Our policy encompasses the key business processes associated with the energy management system we have put in place for both tourism and administrative activities, from its initiation to its daily operations.

Our Sustainable Management System ensures that our activities within its scope are conducted in compliance with standards. We commit to establishing a system that is in harmony with Sustainable Energy Management and ensuring its continuity,

  • To identify legal requirements, obligations determined by contracts, and technical requirements, and to create an appropriate energy management system,
  • To ensure compatibility with necessary procedures for the procurement processes to be carried out with a focus on energy efficiency,
  • To integrate the Energy Management System with all corporate management systems using a continuous improvement strategy and to continually review its activities,
  • To plan and implement energy efficiency activities with an annual purpose and action plan aimed at reducing environmental impacts, and to research renewable energy sources,
  • To use energy-saving devices, machines, and systems in our facility,
  • To implement practices aimed at reducing per capita electricity and fuel consumption amounts in our facility,

We commit to establishing an energy management team and creating training programs.

• We conduct our operations with an awareness of our responsibilities towards the environment and society, always valuing continual improvement and a belief in sustainable environmental practices. We aim to ensure this continues.

• We will control factors that could cause environmental pollution, minimizing the potential harm and contamination we could cause to the environment.

• We will fulfill our legal obligations and adhere to environmental regulations and administrative rules.

• We will use the best available technology during our operations to minimize our negative impacts on the environment.

• We will share our environmental protection efforts and initiatives with our employees, guests, suppliers, and the community, ensuring they are adopted as a philosophy of life.

• We will organize training sessions to enhance environmental awareness, ensuring our employees are informed, conscious, and motivated about the environment.

• We will work to reduce pollutant waste at its source, reuse, or recover it to prevent environmental pollution.

• We aim to use energy and natural resources optimally, implementing activities to prevent unnecessary consumption.

• We will identify environmental risks after each departmental activity and take measures to reduce waste.

• We will develop solutions for waste separation throughout our facility and in rooms.

• We will ensure the disposal of hazardous wastes produced in our facility according to environmental regulations and ensure this is consistently implemented.

• To sustain our natural resources, we will monitor our water and electricity consumption and take protective measures to prevent excessive use.

• We will continue to train our staff on the necessity of using chemicals only as much as needed to prevent excessive chemical consumption.

• We will prioritize biological control methods in garden maintenance and continue to use drip irrigation for water conservation.

• To prevent potential emergencies and environmental disasters, we will conduct regular drills with our Emergency Response Teams.

• We will continue to adopt the many environmental awareness activities we have implemented so far as a business policy rather than just a duty.

• We will constantly improve our Environmental Management System.

• We will continue our fight for the effective use of our natural resources and pollution prevention.

• We will contribute to sustainable tourism.

• We will provide reminder information at regular intervals to increase environmental awareness among staff and guests.

• We will continue to make announcements using environmental awareness boards directed at personnel.

With the aim of ensuring the efficient use of natural resources with environmental and energy responsibility awareness; our goals include increasing energy efficiency, establishing renewable energy sources, minimizing all types of waste resulting from resource consumption, separating waste at its source, and disposing of hazardous waste without harming the environment. 

  • We aim to comply with relevant laws and regulations, continuously improve, contribute to the awareness of our employees, guests, tour operators, suppliers, and the community about the environment, integrate our policy into our lifestyle, ensure the continuity of our practices in every area of our lives, and keep them open for public scrutiny. 
  • We aim to provide regular training for our employees, constantly improve their conditions, identify potential hazards and risks in advance, and take steps to prevent possible occupational accidents and diseases. By adhering to legal requirements and our own standards, and working within a team spirit, our occupational health & and safety policy is to protect human health and rights. 
  • We aim to provide a safe and healthy work environment by educating all our employees to prioritize their own safety, the safety of their colleagues, and our guests. 
  • We review our risk analyses to constantly improve our prevention culture.
  • We aim to prevent discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, and disability, and ensure the protection of vulnerable groups from exploitation. 
  • Our goal is to increase the number and quality of local employment created by tourism, including improving wage and service quality.
  • Our hotel commits to offering accessible tourism services for everyone within its means and informs customers and stakeholders about the level of accessibility clearly and accurately via its website.
  • We aim to benefit cultural heritage and minimize the damage to it.
  • Our purchasing policy is directed towards local, environmentally sensitive, fair-trade-based, and efficient procurement. 
  • We monitor the sustainability processes of our suppliers.
  • We aim to identify our guests’ expectations and needs in advance and ensure maximum satisfaction.
  • Our goal is to provide social and economic benefits to the local community and minimize negative impacts on them.
  • Our hotel ensures accurate information is provided to all segments in promotions. We always use genuine visual materials in advertising. On our website, social media accounts, and other print and digital promotional channels, our hotel maintains transparency and realism regarding our products and services.
  • In our region, we take all necessary measures to increase local employment, protect and enrich natural life, and we share all our activities for taking care of our environment with the public.

We value gender equality in our business.

  • We ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all our employees, regardless of gender.
  • We support the participation of women in the workforce in all our departments and offer equal opportunities.
  • We adhere to the “equal pay for equal work” policy without making gender distinctions.
  • We allocate duties while upholding the principle of equality.
  • We create an environment where equal career opportunities can be benefited from.
  • We establish training policies and support women’s participation and increased awareness.
  • We create a working environment and practices that maintain a work-life balance.
  • We support women’s presence in company management and provide equal opportunities.
  • We do not allow women to be exposed to any form of exploitation, harassment, discrimination, suppression, coercion, defamation, etc. We are always aware of the value they bring to the world and our institution and support their existence.

Children are the entrusted treasures of the future. Recognizing them as individuals, respecting their rights, and guarding and protecting them against all kinds of psychological, physical, commercial exploitation, and the like is our primary responsibility.

To ensure this:

  • We do not allow child labor in our own institutions and expect the same sensitivity from all our business partners.
  • Within the business, we provide environments/opportunities that contribute to the development of children, where they can easily express their thoughts, desires, and feelings, and where they can feel free and comfortable.
  • We provide training to our employees on the prevention and recognition of child abuse.
  • We ensure that children participating in activities are under adult supervision.
  • We organize training to raise awareness about the protection of children’s rights and support related projects.
  • When we witness suspicious actions related to children, we first inform the hotel management and, if necessary, seek assistance from official institutions.
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